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Why clients work with us


Our approach

We take a Full Circle approach. In addition to receiving tailored advice around your health and wealth planning, we also welcome and incorporate the other professionals that provide services in your everyday life. From mortgage, tax, and legal professionals, to your home and car insurance agent, and down to your healthcare provider and pharmacy, we coordinate with them so you look at your life Full Circle!


Our story

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Chris and Chelsea met in July 2008 at a local community bank where Chris was an established Financial Advisor and Chelsea was coming on board to assist the team with marketing and internal client needs. Both quickly learned to work well together as their personalities and professional goals aligned. Both were committed to getting the job done for their clients by going that extra mile. Trust was built and Chelsea enjoyed interacting and assisting Chris with his client needs.

Two short years passed and in 2010 Chris accepted a position with an independent advisory firm while Chelsea accepted a job as an Employee Benefit Analyst at an employee benefits insurance consulting firm a year later. Chris’s clients increasing had Medicare questions and because of the trust they had built around client care, he reached out to Chelsea in 2012 to get answers! This interaction helped connect them again not only professionally but personally this time. In early 2013 Chris asked out Chelsea on the date “that wasn’t a date” and in 2016 became husband and wife.

In 2018, Chris and Chelsea picked up where they left off in 2010 and began working at the same firm again. This time around both Chelsea and Chris had their respective clientele and quickly realized that there was again natural synergy in their focus areas. This is what led them to build Full Circle Financial Group and Full Circle Insurance Solutions.

Some people attribute a romantic connection to fate, others say it was perfect timing. We can attribute our love story to Medicare!

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